Why Jurgen Klopp runs down the tunnel during halftime; it worked against Man United.

Why Jurgen Klopp runs down the tunnel during halftime; it worked against Man United.

In Liverpool’s 7-0 thrashing of Manchester United, Jurgen Klopp explained why he runs down the tunnel at halftime.

In their biggest victory over their bitter rivals, Liverpool thrashed Man United 7-0 at Anfield last Sunday.

As they scored SIX goals without answering, Klopp’s team put on an incredible second-half performance. Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Cody Gakpo, Darwin Nunez, and others all contributed to the score.

And Klopp’s halftime ritual of sprinting out of the tunnel to review the first-half video his coaching staff had given him was what inspired their performance after the break.

In Liverpool’s ‘Inside Anfield’ video from Sunday’s decisive victory, the German coach can be seen hurriedly making his way into the dressing room.

Liverpool easily defeated Erik ten Hag’s team with six goals in the second half, demonstrating the value of the information that was prepared for him beforehand.

In an interview with The Mirror in 2018, he said the following: “On occasion, I truly look forward to halftime. Come on, we’ve got four minutes left, give us five minutes to fix this.

“The break is a crucial period. I first give the players a chance to breathe and drink before the medical staff determines whether everyone is okay.

“Then we rewatch a few instances from the first half, only using them when they are absolutely essential to conveying our message. In that case, we don’t, and I speak with the players.

“It’s a really important situation, so I really like it. For instance, if you lead 2-0 at halftime, everyone knows that the game is not over, but sometimes it feels that way.”

Peter Krawietz, Klopp’s right-hand man, oversees the video analysis and shows clips to the Liverpool manager that highlight areas for improvement.

Krawietz remarked, “You probably see me writing things down with the book all the time.

“What I’m doing there is pinpointing exactly where we excel or struggle, and where we’re probably struggling to find solutions.

“I see instances where we struggle to defend, which suggests that the opposition may be able to take advantage of us.

“Then, with about 35 minutes remaining in the game, we attempt to create an overview. I try to determine the topics for discussion at halftime while on the bench, possibly with Jurgen and Pep [Lijnders, the assistant manager].”

Why Jurgen Klopp runs down the tunnel during halftime; it worked against Man United.

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