Tite, Brazil’s Head Coach, Calls Out “Lies” Regarding The Injury To Gabriel Jesus And The Arsenal Allegation.

Tite, the head coach of Brazil, has angrily responded to claims that Gabriel Jesus participated in the World Cup while already injured.

Jesus’ World Cup run is over after he injured his knee during Friday’s 1-0 loss to Cameroon.

According to reports in Brazil, the Arsenal forward will now undergo surgery and is probably going to be sidelined for at least three months.

However, it has also been asserted that Brazil and Tite were aware that Jesus was underprepared for the match against Cameroon in the final group match.

Tite said that’s a very good question because he doesn’t like hearing lies out there, especially evil lies, in response to the question of whether he knew Jesus was in pain before the match against Cameroon.

Never under any circumstances do we play for a win at the expense or danger of a player.

Because that’s the name, isn’t it, the liar who exists today? Right, the haters? As long as they continue to spread hatred, they have a chance to move on and stop spreading false information.

It would never have happened because Arsenal has a fantastic medical department, we are ethical, responsible, and responsible as individuals.

He didn’t want this to happen; it’s a shame, and we’re very sorry for Gabriel; just yesterday, Neymar, Thiago, and Marquinhos talked to him before talking to Telles.

Then there was Cesar, who had more experience talking to them than he did with the Brazilian national team. Cesar had lived this while playing for the Brazilian national team and has experience with being cut from a squad. And in some way, he’s going to say that what’s important is to help them feel better, to strengthen them, and to be able to participate as much as they can—not to take away their pain, because we can’t do that.

Cesar Sampario, the assistant coach for Brazil, continued, that It was important for them as Brazil to clarify because Tite and Juninho [the team coordinator for Brazil] specifically visited Arsenal, and at no point were they made aware, not only them but the medical staff.

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