The Premier League Set To Implement New Rules That Could Benefit Arsenal, Chelsea, And Tottenham.

The start of the Premier League’s new season is rapidly approaching. At Selhurst Park, Arsenal and Crystal Palace will kick off the new season in 18 days.

As with every season, the summer transfer window has seen a lot of turnovers and will witness both recognizable and unfamiliar players hit the field. With the addition of five players to their roster, Tottenham has been one of the most active teams in terms of recruiting.

While Chelsea had a sluggish start to the window but has now added two players to their roster, Arsenal is not far behind with four acquisitions. However, there was still plenty of time to make other movements.

Additionally, running a tight race in the prior campaign. After a good start, the Blues finished third, securing a spot in the Champions League for another season.

After a protracted and intense struggle between the two North London rivals, Spurs emerged victorious, placing fourth and reentering the top European tournament. Gunners almost missed out and were forced to settle for Europa League.

Being confident that the new addition will help them win the English Premier League, all three London clubs will be hoping they have a chance to place in the top four next season.

There will be various regulation adjustments for the next season, with the most recent one focusing on reducing time waste. Rumors report that a method known as multi-ball will now require ten footballs to be used throughout the field.

There will be one ball in play, one for the fourth official, and eight extra balls scattered all across the field. Additionally, there will be “ball assistants,” whose job will be to provide the player with a ball at a precise location.

To avoid bias or time wastage, there must be eight assistants scattered throughout the field, and they must throw the ball back to each team at the same speed. It could benefit the team in a variety of ways, as it did when Tottenham scored quickly with the assistance of a ballboy while losing to Olympiakos in the 2019 Champions League.

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