The Most Exciting Premier League Team To Watch This Season

There is a lot to talk about, from prominent departures to remarkable arrivals, from major teams like Man City and Liverpool striving to remake themselves to the ongoing initiatives at Arsenal and Tottenham. Who will win the league? How have the teams changed from the previous year?

After game week three, the English Premier League gained momentum thanks to some thrilling games, events, and records that were already broken. In the past two weeks, the majority of the major clubs have had trouble producing respectable results.

This season, smaller clubs have already humiliated teams like Manchester United and Chelsea, while Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham have already dropped points.

The big teams have high expectations for this season, but we might see another Premier League champion as well as a few shocks before the end of the campaign. The league championship was won by Manchester City last season, making them the reigning champions.

Following some spectacular signings, the majority of other clubs now appear better and are prepared to compete for the league this year. English Premier League supporters have so far appreciated the competition after three-game weeks this season.

Even though the Premier League has only played three games so far this season, there have been moments of sheer pleasure, but one club has stood out as the most enjoyable to watch. Due to their success in winning all of their early-season games, Arsenal has been the top team thus far.

This season, the Gunners have been engaging in an appealing aggressive game, making it difficult for their opponents to succeed against Mikel Arteta’s team. Only two points separate first-place Arsenal and second-place Manchester City in the Premier League standings. Arsenal has nine points.

Regardless of the side they face, Arsenal has been fantastic to watch this season and they continue to grow better. Their football has been entertaining to watch, and if they keep playing well, they might win the Premier League.

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