The Lukaku Situation At Stamford Bridge

At Stamford Bridge, the Lukaku Situation.

Chelsea, in actuality, does not play as a team; instead, we play as if we are on a training pitch learning how to pass the ball.

If Haaland or Harry Kane had joined Chelsea instead of Lukaku, they would have faced the same issue of being frozen out in the attacking third due to a lack of creativity in the midfield.

Chelsea’s last era of playing a target man was with Diego Costa under Conte; after then, they have been playing away from them and freezing them out due to a lack of creative guys.

A simple example is a clear chance Kante squandered during last weekend’s Premier League match; if he was to be a creative player, he would have taken it.

Chelsea supporters must understand that a striker cannot be everywhere at once; else, he will rapidly burn out.

When the striker detects a pass coming his way, he positions himself and is always ready to move, but we don’t have any creative midfielders in the team. Because Frank Lampard was a very creative midfielder, this happened most recently during the Drogba and Frank Lampard era.

Unless he becomes into a false striker (9) like Firmino, Harry Kane will suffer the same fate at Chelsea. Simply because new coach Antonio Conte, a former Chelsea manager, has been appointed. Take a look at the numbers from Harry Kane’s most recent match against Manchester City.

Man City vs. Harry Kane’s game by numbers:

100% shot accuracy

38 touches 

13 final third passes 

11 final third entries 

4 duels won 

3 touches in opp. box 

3 shots 

3 shots on target 

2 chances created 

2 goals 

He was incredible. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ #RealSoccerāš½āœļø

When you compare Harry Cane’s statistics to Lukaku’s previous game in the Premier League, you’ll notice that Lukaku was well behind. Lukaku’s problem is that he doesn’t get enough passes from midfielders, which is why Chelsea fans will continue to criticize him.

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