Simone Inzaghi And Lukaku Appears To Be Ambitious To Win Serie A Title Next Season

Romelu Lukaku was loaned from Chelsea to Inter Milan. For Lukaku, things did not go as expected at Chelsea.

Romelu Lukaku once expressed his dissatisfaction with the Chelsea environment and questioned Thomas Tuchel’s tactical approach. We may assume that Lukaku’s bad performance at Stamford Bridge as a result of his failure to fit in with Thomas Tuchel’s team and strategy.

At Chelsea, Lukaku was promised Timo Werner, a dependable attacking partner who would drop deep and undertake the heavy work while Lukaku worked the important spots in the penalty area on the defenders. 

For Inter, Lautaro Martinez or Alexis Sanchez partnered with Lukaku for virtually the entire season; But meanwhile, at Chelsea, it was not clear. 

In total, Lukaku and Werner have only been the conventional front two five times this season. Lukaku and Werner played together in the first of the two matches, in which Manchester City won 1-0 at home; in the second, they narrowly defeated Brentford 1-0.

The 28-year-old returned to Chelsea last summer after a two-year spell at Inter that ended in the club winning the Serie A for a club-record £97.5 million.

Romelu Lukaku just returned from Chelsea’s season-long loan to Inter Milan; Inter will pay Chelsea a loan fee of £6.9 million-plus £3.5 million in bonuses if they win the league title and will pay all of his salaries this season.

Inter just missed winning the championship the previous season, but the former Lazio manager will have Lukaku at his hands for the upcoming campaign. Lukaku was instrumental in Inter’s Scudetto victory under Antonio Conte the season before last. It will now be up to Inzaghi to demonstrate that, like his predecessor Conte, he can access the best of the Belgians and rule the Italian top division.

Not to mention the fact that important rivals like Milan and Juventus have kept their cards close to their chest in the transfer market thus far this year and may potentially tip the scales by strengthening their own lineups.

It appears that Inzaghi and Lukaku will begin the upcoming season with a passion and ambition to win the club’s twentieth Italian top-flight championship.

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