Ranking the world’s top 10 football players since 2017

To do this, the staff at Ticket Source* examined the statistics of all players who competed in Europe’s top five divisions and the Champions League between the start of the 2017–18 season and the conclusion of the 2021–22 campaign.

Players from Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Manchester United all appear, with nine different countries represented, and the number of games played, goals scored, and assists have all been taken into consideration.

Here, they are rated from 10th to 1st…

10. Sadio Mane

224 games, 101 goals, and 31 assists were played.

Mo Salah, a former teammate of Mane’s at Liverpool, is not included. Ouch.

9. Luis Suarez

201 games, 102 goals, and 42 assists

To finish out his career, El Pistolero has now relocated to Nacional in his native Uruguay.

To get his pay off the books in 2020, Barca transferred him to Atletico after he helped the club win consecutive La Liga championships in 2018 and 2019. Naturally, Suarez went on to score 21 La Liga goals right away, propelling Atleti to the championship in 2021.

8. Raheem Sterling,

211 games, 97 goals, and 44 assists

Also indisputable are the four Premier League championships won throughout the study period.

Will Sterling be able to impact Chelsea the same way he did at Manchester City? Time will only tell.

7 Kevin De Bruyne

52 goals and 75 assists over 183 games.

75 assists between 2017 and 2022 are evidence of the brilliance of Kevin De Bruyne’s distribution, who may be the most visually appealing football player in the world.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo

198 appearances, 160 goals, and 30 assists.

Given the number of goals he scored during the five seasons in question, Ronaldo himself would probably be angry if he didn’t make the top five.

Despite all else he contributes, 160 games in 198 are still aggressive.

5 Karim Benzema

218 games, 132 goals, and 50 assists.

King Karim’s position among the top five, though, is unquestionably unarguable.

To be honest, his efforts in 2021–22 alone should have earned him a spot in the top five. Oh, and we also believe that for those performances, he should be awarded the Ballon d’Or.

4. Thomas Muller,

203 games, 54 goals, and 91 assists

Muller enters the top four ahead of so many other elite players because of his 91 assists, which are 12 more than anybody else on this list.

It also doesn’t hurt his case since during the five seasons in question, he won a Champions League, two German cups, and five Bundesliga championships.

3. Kylian Mbappe.

187 games, 146 goals, and 64 assists.

Even though Mbappe hadn’t yet reached voting age when the 2017–18 season began, his outstanding performances for Monaco throughout their march to the French title and Champions League semifinals had already cemented his reputation as a future great.

Later that year, he won the World Cup after receiving a lucrative transfer to PSG.

The Frenchman, who is only 23, is the highest-paid football player in the world right now.

2. Robert Lewandowski

There were 202 games, 207 goals, and 33 assists.

1 Lionel Messi

There were 205 games, 162 goals, and 79 assists.

Following his move to PSG for the 2021–22 season, some analysts speculated that Messi was finally slowing down. His statistics from Barcelona were lower than those of PSG.

The young Argentine’s outstanding play during the previous four seasons, which included the second-most goals and assists on the list, was more than enough to put him in the first place.

He will be going all out for Qatar 2022, looking back to his utmost best in 2022–2023 as well.

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