Psychological LION With ’90 Percent Success Rate’ Already Has The Winner In England Versus France At The World Cup

The outcome of England’s titanic World Cup quarterfinal matchup against France has been foretold by a psychic lion in Thailand with a “90 percent success rate.”

On Saturday night at the Al Bayt Stadium, Gareth Southgate’s team will take on the current world champions.

After cruising through the group stages and their round of 16 matches, both teams are strong favorites to win the World Cup.

Thanks to a lion by the name of Chao Boy, a zookeeper in Khon Khaen, Thailand, already knows the winner.

By predicting the winner of every World Cup game, Chao Boy has become an internet sensation.

How exactly is he accomplishing this? It’s not scientific, that’s for sure. By leaping for a chicken drumstick dangling beneath the flags of each nation, the nine-year-old determines the winner.

Chao Boy has been able to correctly predict the majority of games thus far. How will the Three Lions fare against Kylian Mbappe and co., in his opinion?

When both flags were brought into Chao Boy’s enclosure, he wasn’t immediately sure who had won.

He hesitated for a moment before choosing the French flag. Could this be evidence that football is most definitely not returning home?

If you’re curious about Chao Boy’s other quarterfinal predictions, he has backed Argentina to defeat the Netherlands, Brazil to triumph over Croatia, and Morocco to shock Portugal.

The remaining matches would be Argentina vs. Brazil and Morocco vs. France in the semifinals. Amazing connections, to put it mildly.

The manager of the zoo, Narongwit Chodchoy, recently spoke about Chao Boy’s current fame and success.

According to him, Chao Boy has consistently been the favorite to correctly predict football outcomes.

He can predict with 80 or 90 percent accuracy whether it’s the World Cup, Euros, or other important football games.

Stopping Kylian Mbappe is essential if England is to have any chance of making it to the World Cup semifinals for the second time in a row.

The superstar of Paris Saint-Germain scored twice against Poland to raise his tournament total to five goals in four games.

Kyle Walker of England, who must be at his best to stop Mbappe, refrained from making the game about him.

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