Premier League Will Not Follow The New Fifa Rules That Have Drawn Attention During The World Cup

According to FIFA’s directive, matches at the World Cup had an unusual amount of injury time added to them, but the Premier League will not be adopting the same policy following discussions with referees.

When the domestic season resumes, the Premier League won’t adhere to FIFA’s new guidelines regarding stoppage time, according to reports.

Eyebrows have been raised about the amount of time that is added at the end of each half throughout the first week of the World Cup.

The head of FIFA’s referees, Pierluigi Collina, wants to make sure that all “unnatural time” that is lost is later added on because several games have gone over the 100-minute mark.

Officials have questioned the PGMOL about whether they will be required to adopt a similar mindset, but the Daily Mail is informed that they won’t.

The length of a World Cup match has been 102 minutes and 42 seconds on average, which is four minutes longer than the length of a top-flight match in England this season.

The PGMOL has spoken with domestic referees and instructed them to wait to reset their watches until play has resumed after a pause.

The choice will be appreciated by athletes who have expressed concern about the likelihood of injury rising due to fatigue.

Fourth Official at Qatar World Cup

According to Fifpro general secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, if players’ effective playing time is increased by 10 to 15%, this significantly extends the amount of time they spend in physical competition.

It emphasizes once more how important workload protection is for players more than anything else. A foundation must be laid right away.

Collina has attempted to explain the distinction between stoppage time that is caused by other factors and time that is lost as a result of players’ inefficiency to explain the unusually lengthy amount of stoppage time.

The Italian, who was formerly regarded as one of the top officials in the sport, asserted that nobody should be shocked by the new rule.

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