Premier League New Plans For VAR Officials And Referees Ahead Of The New Season

Conversations between referees and VAR officials during a game are apparently going to be made public by the Premier League.

Since its introduction to the English top division in 2019, the video technology has received mixed reviews. Many of the decisions have been criticized, particularly those involving slight offside calls made after goals were scored.

According to reports, the changes will increase transparency for fans and try to make it easier for them to comprehend how VAR decisions are reached between officials.

Although there is no deadline for implementing the plan, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters claims there is great support for it.

Additionally, there are stern laws governing football that must be followed.

According to Richard Masters, the release of the audio is generally thought to be beneficial. There is a desire to communicate referee decision-making to fans more openly, but we still need to figure out exactly how to achieve so.

The United States Major League Soccer has already experimented with the idea, posting an audio playback of the on-field talks over decisions on YouTube.

Howard Webb, the head of refereeing in Major League Soccer, is now expected to take over as the new referee chief in the Premier League.

In several instances, VAR has proven to be contentious since it entered the English game, despite its success when it was first implemented on a larger scale at the 2018 World Cup.

Even before the start of the new Premier League season, there have been complaints about the system following Saturday’s Community Shield encounter between Manchester City and Liverpool.

The usage of the technology in relation to handball charges made against both teams was criticized by City supporters after Liverpool’s 3-1 triumph over the reigning Premier League winners.

The suspected handball by Reds defender Joel Matip earlier in the game was not reviewed, but City’s Ruben Dias was the subject of a review and given a penalty later on for blocking a Darwin Nunez header with his arm.

Seven minutes from the end, Mohamed Salah converted a penalty to give Liverpool the lead again, and they went on to defeat their perceived main title contenders this season in a victory that was uplifting psychologically.

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