Premier League and EA will sign a historic £500 million video game deal.

Premier League and EA will sign a historic £500 million video game deal.

The Premier League and Electronic Arts reportedly reached a £495 million agreement. One of the richest deals of its kind in league history, the deal is worth millions of dollars.

Everywhere in the world, football players and supporters play the EA Sports FIFA video game series, which is synonymous with the Premier League.

Additionally, EA, the maker of video games, is currently the Premier League’s top partner and official video game license holder.

It is difficult to imagine one without the other because the two go hand in hand to such an extent. Fortunately, they won’t have to anytime soon for Premier League supporters in England.

Additionally, on Friday Sky News reported that the Premier League and EA were nearing an agreement on a new six-year deal worth £488 million.

According to reports, the value of the new mega-deal will exceed that of the two parties’ current agreement. However, the richest league on the planet is clearly demonstrating its strength again with that move.

According to Sky, all 20 clubs’ representatives received a briefing on the upcoming agreement on Friday.

A club executive told Sky that the new agreement would bring more than £80 million yearly. However, EA would continue to hold the exclusive license for video games.


The lucrative deal represents a significant victory for EA, especially considering it came only a few months after FIFA ended its 30-year partnership with them.

As a result, the football video game series, which includes teams and players from England and other countries, will have a new name starting in 2023 after being known as “EA Sports FIFA.”

According to Sky, the Premier League and EA have been partners since 1998. The industry leader in video games has supported England’s premier league as a lead partner since 2016.

The company also has a $30 billion market value and listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

The new alliance is formed as Premier League heavyweights Manchester United and Liverpool look to raise capital.

The last member of the Premier League to appear on the FIFA magazine cover was Virgil van Dijk of Liverpool (2019).

Premier League and EA will sign a historic £500 million video game deal.

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