Peter Crouch Names Two Chelsea Players Graham Potter Needs To Talk With.

Peter Crouch names two Chelsea players Graham Potter wants to speak with after a dreadful performance in a 1-1 draw with Salzburg.

According to Chelsea player Peter Crouch, Graham Potter needs to instill confidence in his team’s players because superstars like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Hakim Ziyech lack it.

On Wednesday night, Potter took over as the Blues’ manager for the first time, but the game against RB Salzburg at Stamford Bridge ended in a heartbreaking 1-1 draw.

Raheem Sterling helped Chelsea dominate the game and take the lead early in the second half, but Chelsea was unable to complete the victory. With 15 minutes remaining, Noah Okafor’s goal drew the game, and the Blues had a few opportunities to take the lead before the game was completed.

Aubameyang’s lackluster performance in the first half was not made up for by Ziyech, who entered the game in the second half and looked dangerous.

Crouch, however, asserts that Potter needs to address the confidence issues that these two and other players are having.

Some encouraging,” Crouch told BT Sport, “but you would be expected to win the Champions League showdown against Salzburg at home. They had an opportunity to execute it.

A few guys have a little bit of misplaced faith. You could tell that Ziyech’s shoulders were rounded as he came on. Aubameyang as well throughout the previous two games.

The athlete stated that he believes a number of the guys are battling with a lack of confidence, and that is something he needs to address.

Despite this performance, Potter stated in his first news conference before the game that he thought his main duty at the club would be to support the current players and produce a team that the supporters could be proud of.

The 47-year-old also noted that this will be his first-ever in-person encounter at a top-tier European game and that his involvement in the Champions League has only been that of a fan.

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