Pep Guardiola Says Manchester United Is ‘Finally Coming Back’ And Analyzes The Top-Four Battle.

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has been extremely impressed with Manchester United’s recent performance and believes they are on their way back to being challengers once more.

The Red Devils had a rough start to the season, losing their first two Premier League games to Brighton and Brentford. They also allowed six goals in a dismal defensive performance at the Etihad at the beginning of the month.

However, United has since gone on an unbeaten streak in their subsequent seven games, thoroughly outplaying Tottenham before earning a hard-fought draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last weekend.

The team led by Erik ten Hag then put on another strong performance against FC Sheriff in the Europa League on Thursday night to maintain their chances of winning the group.

Guardiola praised Ten Hag for his early work at Old Trafford and believes that he is changing the club. He also thought about the top-four race this season and singled out Newcastle as a real threat.

The City manager claimed to have a sense that United is finally making a comeback.

He observed it against Chelsea in the first half and stated that he liked what he saw of United at the time.

Many teams, including United, will compete for [the top four]. You must compete to earn a spot in the Champions League and contend for the championship because of this.

In the first ten games, you don’t win the Premier League, but you can be behind, he continued, referring to the race for the top four spots.

Newcastle, take a look; another portion has already been added. He watched them play the Spurs, and he thought both teams were outstanding. In the third game of the season, he witnessed the abrasiveness we encountered.

The team could still be a contender if it only played one game per week and did not have any European competition.

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