Paul Scholes Tells Why Manchester United Shouldn’t Consider Jadon Sancho As A Winger.

When Jadon Sancho plays in the center and combines with Christian Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes, according to Paul Scholes, Manchester United is at their best.

Sancho opened the scoring for United in their 2-0 win over FC Sheriff on Thursday night. Cristiano Ronaldo also scored from the penalty spot to give Erik ten Hag’s team a comfortable victory in Moldova.

Scholes thinks that Ten Hag should keep allowing Sancho to move inside rather than playing as a traditional winger because the 22-year-old has been in good form lately with three goals in his past six games.

Sancho, in Scholes’ opinion, ought to have been selected for England’s most recent squad instead of Jack Grealish of Manchester City.

Gareth [Southgate] has chosen his players for a reason, maybe from prior squads, according to Scholes, who spoke to BT Sport.

Sancho, in Scholes’ opinion, should currently start over Jack Grealish. He put in an excellent goal against Liverpool and had an excellent promise tonight.

And he performs better when he enters the pitch and links up with players.

He lacks the lightning-quick speed to pass someone on the inside or down the outside.

He had [Erling] Haaland and [Achraf] Hakimi to link with when he was successful at Dortmund, so he always had someone to link with.

He might be a good player for Manchester United if he can do that and hook up with Fernandes and Eriksen, two incredibly smart guys.

According to former United midfielder Owen Hargreaves, they signed Jadon as a winger because of his Dortmund performances, but in reality, Jadon wants to move inside and connect with Bruno and Eriksen.

Now that Eriksen is in the side, they have more possession because he is excellent at going inside and combining. He’s in a hurry to finish.

With Eriksen, Bruno, and Cristiano as great options in those attacking areas, Jadon is strong in these areas. It was a pretty impressive goal that perfectly represents Jadon Sancho.

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