Neymar Shows His Encouraging Conversation With Rodrygo After World Cup Elimination.

On his Instagram story, Neymar shared a conversation he had with Rodrygo after their World Cup quarterfinal loss to Croatia.

In the penalty shootout, Marquinhos of Paris Saint-Germain and Rodrygo were both unsuccessful from a distance of 12 yards.

The talisman of Brazil, Neymar, was not allowed to take a penalty when it mattered because he was scheduled to be the fifth shooter.

The European team’s never-say-die attitude and team spirit ultimately helped them cross the finish line despite the shock loss to Croatia, given that many had Brazil as the clear favorite to win the tournament.

Bruno Petkovic’s deflected goal three minutes from time tied the score after Neymar, who has expressed his disappointment in the outcome, produced a moment of magic to play through the Croatian defense and round the goalkeeper.

In a difficult moment for the Champions League victor, the 21-year-old Real forward was dejected after the shootout as he was comforted by teammates and his club teammate Luka Modric.

Now that we’ve seen their conversation, it’s clear that Rodrygo, 30, was there to comfort his younger teammate.

Neymar stated that he is there to tell you that you are a star and that it is an honor to be a part of your career, to hear you call him your idol, and to watch you develop into one of the most famous people in Brazilian history!

Neymar and Rodrygo Chat

Neymar claimed in his writing that he had made many errors throughout his career and had taken each one to heart. But he persisted, constantly sought improvement, and sought to excel at everything.

He kept encouraging and encouraging his young teammate.

Keep your composure; these pressures and criticisms will make you resilient, and you’ll remember what I told you.

He assured Rodrygo that he would still send a cup to Brazil.

He wished everyone success, to disconnect these days, to rest, and to return with everything! He promised to be available for anything he might require. We’re together.

Given that Neymar is his hero, there’s no doubt that those words will have a big impact, and the young forward was overjoyed to get such a positive message.

Though the messages from Thiago Silva and Marquinhos have not been translated, we are confident they contain similar information.

Following a very successful season the previous year, Rodrygo will return to Real to defend his La Liga and Champions League titles.

Neymar, along with Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, two potential World Cup winners, will be focusing on finally winning the Champions League with PSG.

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