Mesut Ozil Has Come Out In Support Of The “GOAT” Cristiano Ronaldo, After Receiving “Constant Negativity” Regarding His Career

Former teammate Mesut Ozil has come out in support of Cristiano Ronaldo, claiming that there is “constant negativity” surrounding the Portugal international.

Following his contentious departure from Manchester United, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has come under fire from both fans and experts.

He left the organization after giving a fiery interview to Piers Morgan in which he criticized manager Erik ten Hag for acting disrespectfully.

Ronaldo scored three goals for the Red Devils in all competitions during a poor domestic campaign.

Additionally, Ronaldo hasn’t had a great World Cup. He scored against Ghana in Portugal’s opening Group H match, but the following two games saw him go scoreless.

He was replaced by Fernando Santos for Tuesday’s 6-1 victory over Switzerland in the round of 16. Goncalo Ramos, his replacement, scored a hat-trick to make his international debut.

The 37-year-illustrious old’s career is currently going through its most challenging phase. Attempts were made to correct the record on social media by Ozil, who spent three years (2010–2013) playing with Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

He tweeted that he doesn’t understand where the constant negative coverage of Cristiano by the media comes from. The media is only interested in generating clicks, and pundits who are out of work want to draw attention to themselves by using his well-known name and attempting to make him look bad.

Ronaldo will soon turn 38, so why is it a surprise that he no longer averages 50 goals per season? the article continued. He played professional football for 20 years, and that should make every football fan happy.

During their time together, Ronaldo frequently praised Ozil, saying the World Cup champion had helped him become one of the best strikers in the world.

Before Ozil joined Arsenal the following year, they won La Liga in 2012 together while Jose Mourinho was their coach.

Nobody from the younger generation, according to Ozil, will be able to match his numbers in the future.

He will always fall into a distinct category. One of the greatest sportsmen in history deserves more respect from everyone.

At the moment, Ozil is a player for Istanbul Basaksehir of Turkey.

On Saturday, Portugal will play Morocco in the World Cup quarterfinals. If they succeed, they would face either France or England when they clash later on Saturday night.

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