Mason Mount renewal is a top priority for Mauricio Pochettino.

Mason Mount renewal is a top priority for Mauricio Pochettino

The Sun reported that Mason Mount’s contract extension is Mauricio Pochettino’s top priority. The 24-year-old’s £60 million price tag makes his future at Chelsea uncertain. Arsenal and Liverpool, meanwhile, are eager to have him join their ranks.

Since his early years, Mount has been a part of the Chelsea system. He has risen through the ranks to become one of their most crucial players. The England international has played in 195 games and has contributed to 70 goals while playing for the Blues’ first team.

But in the summer of 2024, his agreement with the team expires. His contract has recently been up for renewal by Chelsea. But they haven’t yet experienced success. They reportedly even offered him a one-year extension, but Mount’s representatives rejected it right away because they believed it would increase his current price tag of £60 million.

In the meantime, Mauricio Pochettino will succeed Frank Lampard, the interim manager, in a month. The new Chelsea manager is also eager to have the 24-year-old at his disposal. Even though they still want to extend his stay at the club, the circumstances are much more challenging.

If the Blues decide not to keep him, they’ll try to sell him in the summer for somewhere around £60 million. Chelsea is not willing to take the chance of losing out on him for nothing. The two major teams vying for his services are Arsenal and Liverpool.

To compete in the league and the Champions League, the Gunners need to improve their midfield. Mikel Arteta is still interested in signing another top-tier midfielder for Arsenal in the summer, despite the fact that Jorginho joined in the winter. Additionally, Mount is a versatile player who can fill a variety of roles, so he would be ideal to have on his team.

On the other hand, Liverpool’s inconsistent midfield has caused them to struggle this season. Several of their senior players plan to leave the team in the summer. Additionally, their manager Jurgen Klopp is in favor of a midfield makeover.

The German manager is a huge fan of Mount and would do anything to have him on hand. The Merseyside club will benefit greatly from the 24-year-old’s arrival. It will be interesting to see where Mount plays football next season given Pochettino’s push for a renewal.

Mason Mount renewal is a top priority for Mauricio Pochettino

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