Man United Finally Picks Ronaldo’s Successor As Antony Deal Seems Complicated

Manchester United jersey number 7 player Cristiano Ronaldo has grown unpleasant at Old Trafford due to his outrageous demands and directives, and the Red Devils are now considering offering him permission to explore greener pastures elsewhere, with plans now shifting to one France League 1 main striker.

The former Barcelona star forward has not been on good terms with the League 1 giants, and Manchester United is looking to take advantage of that by making him CR7’s successor after pleading to leave this summer. This is despite the fact that his current contract with PSG has a significant contract extension.

The concept of bringing Neymar in to replace Ronaldo is considerably closer than anticipated, according to reports from Sports Insider, BBC, and Man United (MEN).

With less than two weeks until the start of the new season, a lot is expected to happen at Old Trafford. The Red Devils appear to have Neymar and Anthony from Ajax as the only ideal replacements for the 37-year-old Portuguese International who is leaving.

Neymar is among the biggest superstars in the world, therefore substituting him for another superstar would make sense. Ronaldo provides attention to the club in addition to goals. In international football, the Brazilian enjoys a comparable fan base.

Neymar’s creativity and dribbling prowess have earned him recognition as one of the top players in the world. The 30-year-old can outrun any defense and score goals.

Football played in Brazil is noted for its audacity throughout the world. Additionally, Neymar has a lot of that in his locker. He still has a few years left at the top, and he has the ability to put the Theatre of Dreams on fire.

However, supporters of United would rather the team pursue a player who has already committed to the Red Devils. People have claimed that Neymar’s motivation has diminished after leaving Barcelona. Fans believe the 30-year-old isn’t the same player he once was.

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  1. Ronaldo is truly a legend but Neymar is currently more fit and better than him. I think Neymar would do a better job at Manchester united.


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