Lisandro Martinez Names Manchester United Hero As His Idol

It has been a success that Lisandro Martinez and Erik ten Hag are back together at Manchester United.

The former Ajax player has adapted to life at Old Trafford with ease, swiftly becoming one of the first names on United’s teamsheet in addition to Ten Hag’s starting XI.

As he swiftly acclimated to the pace and ferocity of the Premier League, his successful central defensive pairing with Raphael Varane has become stronger and stronger.

Given that the current Red Devils defender has publicly professed his admiration for Gabriel Heinze, it comes as a bit of a surprise as to which former Manchester United player is Lisandro Martinez’s favorite.

Martinez joined Old Trafford from Ajax in the summer, and although struggling in his first few matches, he has rapidly won over the fans and the critics who doubted his ability to play center-back in the Premier League at 5’9″.

The 24-year-old has developed into a favorite of manager Erik ten Hag, who was previously his boss at Ajax, and he and Raphael Varane have formed a remarkable defensive relationship.

The United supporters are charmed by his persistence and ferocity, which may make them think of another Argentinian they once supported.

Heinze only played for United from 2004 to 2007, but it was a remarkable time for the left-back in England, where he won the Premier League in 2007 and the fans’ player of the season title at Old Trafford from 2004–2005.

Martinez, whose game is somewhat based on Heinze’s, was undoubtedly impacted by him.

Martinez admitted to Sky Sports that Gabriel Heinze is his hero and that he adores him. He admired his aggressive style of play and good attitude during the duels. Every contest serves as the championship. He was a top athlete.

Martinez wanted to play like him, but they are a little different as well. Martinez appreciates his mentality, though.

Football is always physical, as Martinez succinctly put it when describing the mindset he and Heinze share. You must constantly work out hard. You must be prepared. He strives to constantly offer his all.

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