Kenya’s FIFA Ban Was It Correct?

Fifa President Infantino announced on Thursday, banning Kenya and Zimbabwe from all international football matches. “We were forced to ban two of our member associations, Kenya and Zimbabwe, due to government intervention in football activity. These associations have been suspended from all football operations with immediate effect, and they are aware of the steps they must take to be re-admitted or have the ban removed,” Infantino stated.

Kenya’s exclusion from FIFA has both positive and negative implications.

On the negative side, players would be denied opportunities to play for their clubs and national teams overseas, while referees will also be denied opportunities to supervise games in foreign countries. As a result, Fifa should look into options for resolving such conflicts.

Positively, the FIFA ban provides Kenya with an opportunity to clean up its act. Football administration needs to be reorganized; we need an administration that prioritizes the requirements of players, one that is eager to put in place a system to scout and develop talent that will help put the country on the map in the future. Because the country is brimming with undiscovered indigenous talent. Kenyan football was on the verge of collapse, and the only option was to save the situation.

The country requires an administration that will work closely and cooperatively with the Premier League and all stakeholders. Kenya will have a chance to create the groundwork for good football with sweet fruits as a result of the suspension. Kenya has been banned by Fifa before, having been banned for three years in 2004 before being reinstated.

The fundamental reason for Kenya’s and Zimbabwe’s Fifa bans is that both countries are dealing with similar situations, with FA presidents accused of corruption and misappropriation of monies provided by their governments. For example, the government of Kenya’s appointment of the FKF caretaker committee through Cs Sports Amina Mohamed was appropriate and timely in light of the Fifa ban. Following government intervention, many Kenyans believe Fifa was proper in suspending the country from all football activity.

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