It All Began When Lionel Messi Called Someone A “Fool” In His Post-Game Interview

Argentina may have advanced to the World Cup semifinal after defeating the Netherlands on penalties, but Lionel Messi delivered a combative post-game interview.

At the Lusail Stadium, the match was tense for significant periods. In actuality, Friday’s match featured a total of 15 bookings, which is a World Cup record.

Leandro Paredes kicked the ball at the Netherlands dugout, igniting a huge on-field brawl that ended with Paredes being knocked to the ground by Virgil van Dijk’s enormous frame.

And after the game, an enraged Lionel Messi slapped Louis van Gaal across the face. On that, however, later.

Messi was obviously in the mood to lash out verbally moments after the incident as he prepared to speak with the Argentine publication TYC Sports.

The Argentina captain allegedly told a member of the Dutch camp, “What are you looking at, fool,” according to chief football writer Miguel Delaney of The Independent.

In actuality, Messi and SVT Sport reporter Johan Kücükaslan were just two meters apart when the interview began, and it appears that the remark was directed at Dutch goal scorer Wout Weghorst.

In his postgame remarks, Messi continued to mention Weghorst, who scored twice to tie the game.

The number 19 (Weghorst) arrived and began to provoke them, bump into them, and tell them things, he said, as translated by Twitter user @AlbicelesteTalk. He doesn’t like people talking before games. They received no respect from their coach either.

Messi to Van Gaal Video

A coach of his caliber making such a declaration seemed disrespectful to him (Messi), he continued. The Argentina National Team is not respected by Van Gaal.

Both during the game and following it, Messi made it clear how he felt about Louis van Gaal, the manager of the Netherlands.

The captain of Argentina doesn’t take much part when his team loses the ball, according to Van Gaal, speaking before kickoff.

Speaking to NOS, he claimed that Messi is the most dangerous creative player because of his prodigious ability to both create and score goals. We have opportunities [to exploit] when they lose the ball and the opposition has the ball.

Messi then spoke sternly with Van Gaal and Edgar Davids after the final whistle.

After final whistle Messi talking Van Gall (Video)

He later admitted to reporters that although Van Gaal claims they play good football, what he did was put on tall people and hit long balls.

To be honest, he did not want to discuss the referee. FIFA needs to consider this because they cannot assign a referee who is unqualified to handle such situations if you speak; they must sanction you if you do.

Following one of the tournament’s biggest upsets, Croatia, led by Zlatko Dalic, defeated Brazil to advance to Tuesday’s semi-final match at the Lusail Stadium.

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