Harry Kane’s lucrative “side business,” which has brought in millions for him

Harry Kane’s lucrative “side business,” which has brought in millions for him

According to reports, Harry Kane has amassed millions of dollars outside of football through some wise investments.

Additionally, after scoring the game-winning goal against Manchester City, the striker broke the record for the most goals scored by Spurs. One of the best-paid players in the league is Kane.

Kane is Spurs’ highest-paid player and reportedly has a contract worth £200,000 per week through 2024. He also has several endorsement deals.

The Sun claims that the England striker also generates substantial income from a real estate portfolio that his parents, brother, and agent, Charlie, helped him build.

Edward James Investments is the name of the business, and its estimated value is £13.1 million.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, “Harry is as astute with his money as he is with his finishing.”

“Many footballers invest in real estate, with varying degrees of success, but Harry knows what he’s doing.”

Even though he owns numerous homes. According to rumors, Kane and his family pay £1 million a year to live in the opulent home they currently own.

To ensure that their finances are secure once they decide to hang up their boots, footballers frequently invest in real estate.

Robbie Fowler, a former Liverpool and England striker, did just that, increasing his wealth to about £31 million.

In a similar vein, Martin Braithwaite, a former striker for Middlesbrough and Barcelona, put $850,000 into a real estate company and partnered with his uncle Philip Michael.

They jointly own properties in the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Jersey City, and San Antonio, with a combined value of €250 million. According to the firm, it is managing $300 million in assets.

Separately, City AM reports that in November, Kane invested a “undisclosed sum of cash” in the low-calorie doughnut company Urban Legend. Adding that the business “connects with my keen interest in encouraging others to look after their health and for retailers to have healthier options more widely available.”

Harry Kane’s lucrative “side business,” which has brought in millions for him

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