Graham Potter Prefers Three Forwards For Chelsea To A Risky Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer

If Manchester United makes Cristiano Ronaldo available, Chelsea has been mentioned as a possible surprise January target.

According to reports, Chelsea manager Graham Potter is considering making a move for one of the next three forwards in line behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

It remains to be seen if the seasoned Portugal international will be able to turn things around for himself before the January transfer window. He is currently having a rough time at Manchester United.

Even while Blues owner Todd Boehly still finds some interest in buying the 37-year-old, journalist Ben Jacobs believes that Chelsea does not now seem to be a particularly plausible bidder for Ronaldo.

Despite Jacobs’ preference for candidates like Rafael Leao, Jonathan David, and Ivan Toney, he believes that Potter should have the final say.

Given that Ronaldo is arguably one of the greatest players to ever play the game and is still a lethal finisher as he nears the age of 38, Chelsea supporters will undoubtedly be torn over this decision.

If CFC wants to get the most out of Ronaldo, it could be a little late, but would he be a good short-term solution to provide them more of a menace in the box? One can assume that a few clubs will consider this.

However, Leao, David, and Toney are three excellent players who would unquestionably prove to be greater long-term investments for the team.

The striker situation at Chelsea is an intriguing one. In the summer of 2021, they paid £97.5 million to Inter Milan for Romelu Lukaku. He is currently back at Inter on loan, and Chelsea will likely take a huge hit when they try to offload the 29-year-old at the end of the current campaign.

On the final day of the summer transfer window, the Blues acquired Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Barcelona to take Lukaku’s spot. Given that they had previously collaborated at Borussia Dortmund, Thomas Tuchel was mostly seen as the primary beneficiary of his signing.

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