FIFA Decide Germany’s Fate Following The “Cover Mouths” World Cup Team Photo Gesture.

Germany covered their mouths in protest at FIFA’s decision to forbid the OneLove armband from being worn during the World Cup.

Germany won’t be punished after Hansi Flick’s team covered their mouths in the team photo against Japan to protest FIFA’s decision to forbid the OneLove armband from the World Cup in Qatar.

Before learning that captain Manuel Neuer might be subject to a one-match suspension if he wore the eye-catching symbol of inclusion, the 2014 world champions—one of seven nations—were prepared to wear the armband in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

The timing of the decision, which was made just hours before England’s World Cup opener against Iran on Monday, has managers and players at the tournament scratching their heads in frustration. FIFA’s decision to outlaw the armband has come under intense scrutiny.

Initially, it had been suggested that captains could be penalized for the political gesture, but later information revealed that the players had been threatened with bans, forcing nations into a corner.

Following Germany’s gesture, the German Football Association released the following statement, stating that by wearing the captain’s armband, they hoped to set an example for the principles they uphold as a team: Respect for one another and diversity being obnoxious with other countries.

Human rights are not negotiable, and denying us the right to wear a band means denying us the right to have a voice, according to the statement. We adhere to our stance.

Surprisingly, Neuer’s armband was even checked before the game in Doha by one of the referees as he took his position between the goalposts.

While watching the game in her home country, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser wore the OneLove armband to show her support for inclusion and diversity.

The Bayern Munich goalkeeper said he wasn’t worried about getting in trouble for wearing the armband before FIFA banned it.

He stated earlier this week that since the DFB supports us, we are not worried about the repercussions.

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