Fans worried about Phil Jones after a recent statement from Erik Ten Hag.

Fans worried about Phil Jones after a recent statement from Erik Ten Hag.

Concern over Phil Jones’ welfare is growing among Manchester United supporters. It follows a rare update from Erik ten Hag on the condition of the misunderstood defender.

Since the conclusion of the 2019–20 season, Jones, 30, has only made five appearances (two of which were starts). In the latter half of last season, all of those appearances occurred under Ralf Rangnick; under Ten Hag, he has not made an appearance on a single match day.

Furthermore, Jones has missed every training session this season, the Dutchman admitted in his most recent press conference.

Erik Ten Hag on Questions

Ten Hag was brought into question about his decision regarding Jones’ future because his contract expires in five months.

“No, it hasn’t yet,” Ten Hag replied. “That [contract] decision is for the summer, but his injury will keep him out all season.”

The manager responded, “I can’t say,” when asked if Jones would ever play for United again.”

“I can only confirm that he hasn’t been available for practice since the first day of this season’s practice. Therefore, I don’t believe there is a chance for you to recover quickly and become available.”

Jones has sustained a string of serious injuries, and Ten Hag’s remarks sparked discussion among fans on social media.

Numerous United supporters defended Jones amidst the unavoidable criticism. However, Jones has previously spoken openly about his struggles with his mental health and dealing with the actual physical injuries.

Si Lloyd, a United supporter, said: “I’m sorry for Phil Jones. Nobody making comments on this page is aware of the full extent of his injury issues, but it’s been obvious for a while that he’s been unlucky in that regard. It’s also not his fault that the club chose to extend his contract at the time they did after taking his history into account.”

Another responded, “I’m glad this was said. I believe he is an honorable player who has just had terrible injury luck.”

Jones is unable to participate in Saturday night’s FA Cup fourth-round match between United and Reading at Old Trafford.

Fans worried about Phil Jones after a recent statement from Erik Ten Hag.

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