Fans feel Lionel Messi needs to condemn Kylian Mbappe ‘trolling.’

Fans feel Lionel Messi needs to condemn Kylian Mbappe ‘trolling.’

Following Kylian Mbappe’s abuse during Argentina’s victory parade, fans have been pleading with Lionel Messi to speak out.

In Sunday’s final at the Lusail Stadium, Argentina and France battled it. After taking a 2-0 lead into halftime, the South American champions were cruising to victory.

However, the final 10 minutes of the game saw Mbappe carry his team back into it by himself.

A penalty shootout was required to decide the winner after 120 minutes of exciting play ended 3-3.

Following a 4-to-2 victory, Argentina received the trophy.

The trophy Messi has been chasing throughout his illustrious career has finally been won, and fans are ecstatic for him.

However, some supporters are upset that he kept quiet about some of Argentina’s antics during their celebration party.

Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper, has been in the news after it appeared that he requested a moment of silence for Kylian Mbappe as he and his teammates celebrated in the locker room.

Martinez danced while carrying a baby toy with Mbappe’s face on it during their victory parade in Buenos Aires. Some fans were irritated by Messi’s inaction as he stood next to Martinez.

Fans Chat

One person remarked, “Martinez with a doll of Mbappe and Messi couldn’t tell him to stop the act?”

Another person tweeted: “Messi has no respect, a real leader would tell Martinez to stop acting childish especially since Mbappe is HIS TEAMMATE.”

A third supporter commented: “Messi’s silence on the matter is the strangest aspect of this. If Martinez is disrespecting Mbappe, who is a teammate of yours, Messi, you should intervene.

Another person commented, “Feel Messi should have told Martinez to stop mocking his club teammate.”

After his World Cup disappointment, Mbappe returned to PSG training. Messi’s return to the French club following his success in Qatar still needs to be discovered.

Fans feel Lionel Messi needs to condemn Kylian Mbappe ‘trolling.’

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