Erling Haaland surprised Julian Alvarez with a team he supports.

Erling Haaland surprised Julian Alvarez with a team he supports.

Julian Alvarez acknowledged that he was shocked to learn which team Erling Haaland supports and is hoping to turn him away from.

Alvarez and Haaland arrived at the Etihad last summer. During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar last December, he won a significant trophy with Argentina.

Alvarez, however, was taken aback to learn of Haaland’s enthusiasm for Argentine soccer.

Alvarez claims that Haaland is a fan of Boca Juniors, a team that competes against River Plate. Haaland also thinks Leonardo Balerdi, a former Dortmund player, may have influenced him.

In addition to what we all already know about football, Haaland is a good boy, he said to Argentine TV station TyC Sports.

Julian Alvarez

“He assists me, we converse, and I try to observe him so I can pick up things.

“Since I arrived, he informed me that he supported Boca and provided information on La Bombonera.

“I believe that his time spent in Borussia Dortmund with Leonardo Balerdi had some influence.

“Let’s see if we can change it little by little; it won’t be easy, but we’ll try.”

Balerdi signed with Marseille after departing from Dortmund. previously acknowledged he drove Haaland “crazy” with the information he showed him about Boca.

“When I was at Borussia, he asked me which was the best team, the one with the most history in Argentina, from the first day,” he recalled.

With Boca, I drove him insane. He watched fan videos, stadium pictures, and other Boca-related materials as I showed him everything.

“I described to him the first time what it was like to play in La Bombonera.

When he sees a video of Boca, he sends it to me every time. He became a fan of Boca. We are still in touch.

“When we’re going, he asks, which irritates me.  It’s hoped that he won’t have to go through that at some point. He requested that I send him a Boca shirt that has the number 9 on it.

“I’ll keep driving him crazy because he’s a big fan and make it happen a little more frequently.”

Erling Haaland surprised Julian Alvarez with a team he supports.

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