Erik ten Hag faces “big fine” and FA discipline after his post-game remarks.

Erik ten Hag faces “big fine” and FA discipline after his post-game remarks.

Erik ten Hag argued that the referee “influenced” his team’s 0-0 draw with Southampton, calling the officials’ performance “inconsistent” all around.

The Premier League match on Sunday afternoon at Old Trafford was rife with controversy. In addition, Casemiro received a straight red in the 34th minute. Casemiro’s studs-up challenge on Argentine midfielder Carlos Alcaraz resulted in a collision.

Ten Hag frustrations

Ten Hag expressed frustration in his post-game press conference at Old Trafford after the full-time whistle.

“Casemiro played over 500 games in Europe and never once received a red card,” he claimed. “He currently has two in the Premier League. His absence is not the problem; we will handle that. The referee had an impact on this match.

“Everyone with a passing familiarity with football will agree that it looks bad when frozen. However, everyone acting in a top-level football manner was knowledgeable about the game. They are aware of right from wrong and fair from unfair. Furthermore, I can attest that Casemiro is a tough but fair player.

“Furthermore, if they single out one, it is undoubtedly somewhat similar to what they did to Crystal Palace. If you’re honest, when you saw that incident, you ought to have dismissed three or four players instead of just one.”

Additionally, he didn’t stop there. Ten Hag continued by saying that Premier League referees need to play with consistency.

“The inconsistency, in my opinion, is that players no longer understand the policy. It seems to be all there. We witnessed it last night with Premier League,” he continued.

Video Assisted Referee

“The VAR is not coming on the line for Leicester [against] Chelsea. It is now approaching the line. Then there are two penalty situations, but they do not result in a turnover. What is the policy, especially since the first one was a blatant and obvious handball?

“We talk to the referees, but not often, so we have some questions. Additionally, there is inconsistency. We are the Premier League, it’s coming strong here, and we want intensity, so the referee is arriving at the beginning of the season with a policy.”

Erik ten Hag faces “big fine” and FA discipline after his post-game remarks.

By charging referee Taylor with “influencing” the game, Ten Hag may incur a fine from the FA. Do you concur with his remarks?

Please tell us in the comments.

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  1. I absolutely agreed with his remarks. That is not worth a red card. Why did Saka of arsenal not carded at all for the same offence. The referee sold Manchester United for something else. He was bias


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