England COULD still win the World Cup according to a Discovered Loophole

England COULD still win the World Cup according to a Discovered Loophole

There is a significant flaw that has been found, so England still has a chance to win the World Cup.

The Three Lions’ trip to Qatar came to an agonizing fashion after Harry Kane missed a late penalty kick. 

It allowed France—the defending champions—to defeat them 2-1 in the quarterfinals. The goals were provided by Aurelien Tchouameni and Olivier Giroud.

France defeated Morocco to advance to the final against Argentina. Argentina won by eliminating Croatia, the 2018 champions, to set up a huge match.

However, a Twitter user discovered a flaw that could still allow England to win the world championship.

“Guys, it’s still not over yet, Adam Devlin wrote in a tweet. Today’s game cannot be completed and the results are void if Croatia and Morocco each have four players sent off.

“Run with me here…” The winner of the best disciplinary record in the quarterfinals receives the trophy if the same thing occurs in the final!

How Fans Reacted

Following the tweet, fans responded right away.

A fan said, “you’re telling me there’s a chance, right?”

“It’s coming home,” another tweet read.

“I knew negative Gareth had a master plan somewhere,” a third supporter remarked. “It certainly wasn’t in his team selections.”

Although that can’t occur essentially be impossible for that to occur, we have seen stranger things occur on a football field, so never rule anything out.

The goal for France in the World Cup final is to win back-to-back titles, breaking the record held by Brazil.


While Lionel Messi and Argentina are seeking to give their legendary World Cup run a fairytale ending.

Messi, who will play in his final World Cup game on Sunday, will be 35 years old. 

The desire to see the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner hoist the trophy and solidify his place as the greatest player of all time has Argentina receiving a lot of support from fans around the world.

England COULD still win the World Cup according to a Discovered Loophole

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