Cristiano Ronaldo Sends Direct Message To Man Utd Following Portugal’s Victory Over Ghana

Following Thursday’s 3-2 World Cup victory for Portugal over Ghana, Cristiano Ronaldo declared that his “chapter is closed” at Manchester United.

When he converted a penalty to put Portugal ahead in the game’s second half, Ronaldo created history. After scoring that goal, Ronaldo became the first male player to score in five different World Cups.

Despite being involved in a dramatic finish to the game, Portugal was able to secure the victory, placing them at the top of Group H.

In contrast, Ronaldo ends the week without a team after Manchester United announced on Tuesday night that his contract had been terminated as a result of his contentious interview with Piers Morgan.

After being asked if it had been a challenging week since leaving United, Ronaldo shook his head and responded, “It’s important we won.”

Since he finished this chapter, one week has passed. He wants to get off to a strong start now that it is closed. We took the lead and prevailed.

The rest wouldn’t matter if he could assist his team.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo has been “great” with his Portugal teammates during their World Cup preparations, according to Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva.

Silva said we are relieved to know we can still rely on him. He worked very hard for the team in addition to the goal. His choice as to what transpires next. Whoever decides to offer him a contract must make that choice.

Depending on what he wants, yes. He is unsure of his goals for the future. He must consult his family before making a choice, right?

He defends it by saying that it is his decision. He is his teammate in Portugal; if he is content, we are content. With us, he’s been great. He’s been fantastic.

Bruno Fernandes, a former United teammate of Ronaldo’s who contributed two assists to Portugal’s victory over Ghana, thinks the 37-year-old has been motivated by criticism going into the tournament.

Fernandes stated that he believes he enjoys working under everyone’s criticism, so he sincerely hopes you all will continue to do so.

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