Cristiano Ronaldo Identifies Only Manchester United Teammate Who Matches His Football Lifespan.

One young player from Manchester United has been singled out by Cristiano Ronaldo as someone who can follow in his long career footsteps.

Young United players have come under fire from Ronaldo for their mentality, lack of concern, and alleged disregard for his counsel.

These are merely the most recent quotes from his explosive interview with Piers Morgan, in which Ronaldo also made derogatory remarks about the club’s owners, former players, and former coaches. As a result, United decided to fine him £1 million.

The best advice, in Ronaldo’s opinion—and this is something he told Morgan—is to lead by example rather than by offering advice.

He shows up every morning and does the same thing, most likely arriving first and departing last.

The young people hear something for two minutes before forgetting it. He values setting an example for others. Some, but not many, people follow me…

They don’t give a damn. Some do, but the majority say no. It doesn’t surprise him (Ronaldo), in his opinion. Their careers won’t last very long.

However, Ronaldo believes that only one player can match his longevity, and he specifically mentioned Diogo Dalot, a 23-year-old Portuguese international teammate.

Dalot, a right-back for United who transferred from Porto to Old Trafford in 2018, has performed admirably for the team this year under new manager Ten Hag.

Ronaldo added that he can think of Dalot as an example of a young player at Manchester United who is also very professional and whom he believes will have a long career in football because of his youth, intelligence, and professionalism.

When asked which United teammates he most looks up to, Ronaldo also praised two additional teammates, likely Lisandro Martinez and the 30-year-old Casemiro.

Despite not showing up for practice on Wednesday, the forward, 37, will play for Portugal at the World Cup in Qatar.

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