Clubs that are threat to Man Utd’s long-term success according to Casemiro.

Clubs that are threat to Man Utd’s long-term success according to Casemiro.

To have long-term success in the Premier League, Casemiro thinks the team must overcome three challenges.

In general, they haven’t won a trophy since Jose Mourinho won the Europa League and Carabao Cup in 2017. However, it indicates that the club is currently experiencing its longest trophy drought in more than 40 years.

Under Erik ten Hag, things have started to improve recently. However, United is not yet out of any competition this season and is currently fourth in the Premier League.

A 30-year-old man spoke: “You always imagine making history when you join a new club, especially if you recognize the caliber of the organization.”

“The past is familiar to us. But of course, I was aware that I would need some time to adjust and that our competitors, like Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool, had long-term plans in place before we did.

“They all have experienced managers who have benefits due to their experience. I’m pleased with how I’ve adjusted to this place; my coworkers and the staff are doing a great job of supporting me. It’s been challenging for me to speak English, but I’m making a sincere effort to improve.


“I’ve been treated kindly by everyone here, and I’ve felt at home here ever since day one. I appreciate everything the team did to get me here, especially John (Murtough, United’s director of football).

“At Manchester United, I feel very at home, am overjoyed to be here, and am living every moment like a 15-year-old! The team’s development, however, is what matters most.”

In United’s 3-1 victory over Reading in the fourth round of the FA Cup on Saturday night, Casemiro scored twice. Additionally, his first goal was a beautiful dink over Joe Lumley’s head, and his second was a first-time attempt from just outside the box.

On Wednesday night, the second leg of United’s Carabao Cup semifinal will take place against Nottingham Forest. Therefore, they currently hold a 3-0 lead after a convincing win at the City Ground last week.

Clubs that are threat to Man Utd’s long-term success according to Casemiro.

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