Clubs interested in Harry Maguire despite the club wanting him to stay

Clubs interested in Harry Maguire despite the club wanting him to stay

On Wednesday, Maguire received a rare start as United rallied from a goal down to defeat West Ham in the FA Cup. The quarterfinal matchup between the Red Devils and Fulham has been scheduled for later this month.

The Premier League continues to pass over the England star, and his long-term future is still in doubt.

Jacobs has provided updates on Maguire’s situation and the likelihood that he will leave Old Trafford this summer.

Additionally, the reporter shared two details that might be crucial in keeping the defender at Old Trafford.

Harry Maguire

He stated: “Harry Maguire is the subject of constant rumors, especially now that he has slipped in Manchester United’s hierarchy.

“However, we must exercise extreme caution when establishing links because we have heard many tales, from the speculative to those with a little more substance. Even as far back as last summer, there were rumors that Maguire would join Chelsea, which caused some to raise an eyebrow. He has also been in a move to Villa, as well as a move abroad and a comeback to Leicester.

“But the reality is that when Erik ten Hag joined the football team, Maguire’s situation changed.

“And even though Manchester United now has a well-established center-back pairing, Maguire still needs to push his way into the lineup. Since he is still the club captain, he is essential to running the football team daily.

“He’s friendly and has a positive attitude. Consequently, I felt bad for Harry Maguire over the past 18 months. Additionally, it was extremely upsetting to see him receive jeers while playing for England. He has the same quality that made him good at World Cup 2.

“Ten Hag has given Maguire a fair chance, and that is what he has done. In that regard, he is fortunate to have several center-backs, as is obvious.”

In addition, according to Jacobs, despite rumors to the contrary, Maguire is not attempting to leave the team this summer.

Clubs interested in Harry Maguire despite the club wanting him to stay

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