Best midfielder for Man City this year is not Kevin De Bruyne, Pep Guardiola says

Best midfielder for Man City this year is not Kevin De Bruyne, Pep Guardiola says

Despite Kevin De Bruyne’s outstanding performance in last night’s crushing 7-0 Champions League victory over RB Leipzig, Pep Guardiola insists he still has complete faith in the Manchester City star.

With one of their most brutal performances of the season, The City secured their place in the quarterfinals of Europe’s premier club competition.

Guardiola, however, is adamant that De Bruyne still has more to offer. In addition, he pushed the Belgian international to match the consistency exhibited by Ilkay Gundogan. Gundogan was cited by Pep as the best midfielder for City this year.

Kevin is a player for the dynamics. He is not a player who can play there if he lacks the movement or dynamic, according to Guardiola.


“He’s not a player who receives the ball in the pockets and can stop,” someone said. He’s a person who attacks from the outside and the inside, here and there. Press high while making the transitions. From Bernardo, Erling builds. This player fits our intensity profile.

“Kevin can’t play in that position all the time, I know that. He has a quality that you must comprehend. As a result, both the goals and the assists are complimentary.

‘[But] he doesn’t do that after the number of balls he lost to allow opponents’ transitions [in previous games]. He doesn’t score goals or provide assists.

“I’m going to find Kevin De Bruyne, right? I’m going to tell you how amazing he is after seven years of marriage. Periodically, you may experience highs and lows. When Kevin moves here, close to the central defenders to set the ball, enters the box, and makes the transitions. “Hats off” to Kevin. But he must come to realize.

“Because he doesn’t lose balls when that happens. He is aggressive with the ball and aids in our high press.

“The general public claims that he must play KDB constantly. Do you believe I’m stupid to play at Leipzig’s level? He wouldn’t play that way.

“You have to sit and think about it. Does Bernardo merit a start? The best midfielder we have this year is Gundogan. They need to compete with one another and perform at their best level. If not, another player will participate.”

Best midfielder for Man City this year is not Kevin De Bruyne, Pep Guardiola says

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