Arsene Wenger Explains Why He Has Never Returned To Arsenal Since His Resignation

The legendary manager of the Gunners led the team from 1996 to 2018, winning three Premier League championships and seven FA Cups.

The Frenchman assisted in making Arsenal become one of the top clubs in Europe when they relocated from Highbury to the Emirates, but ever since he stepped down as manager, he has refused to set foot inside the stadium.

Wenger claims that his refusal of numerous offers from other teams is a result of his commitment to the Gunners. He also claims that he has chosen not to return to the Emirates because he does not want to cause trouble for the administrations who came before him.

Since resigning as Arsenal manager in 2018, Arsene Wenger claims he has never visited the Emirates again because he does not want to cause trouble or be a distraction for those who have succeeded him.

Wenger claimed he hadn’t visited Arsenal. At the launch of former Arsenal co-owner David Dein’s new book, he said that after 22 years he may have reached his breaking point and people needed a change.

Because he believed his life was inextricably linked to the club, Arsene Wenger was always devoted to his team and turned down a great number of offers.

He fully understands why the club made the decision to go in a different route since, occasionally, change is necessary for a fresh start. It might have been problematic if I had been there.

Arsene fully abstained to allow the team an opportunity to forge new ties with new management. Because he didn’t want to be a presence that might not be helpful for the club, he never talked about Arsenal and never returned.

However, Wenger is now glad to discuss the present Arsenal team and is very pleased with the team that Mikel Arteta has assembled.

He stated he would think they are progressing in the correct path. In my opinion, the team doesn’t have any weak spots. They are young, talented players who have made wise purchases this year.

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