Arsenal fined by FA Due to “disrespectful” behavior during Premier League match.

Arsenal fined by FA Due to “disrespectful” behavior during Premier League match.

The FA has penalized Arsenal for their involvement in the heated exchanges that occurred in their January 3 Premier League match against Newcastle ended in a 0-0 draw.

The FA has fined Arsenal £40,000 for failing to control their players during the tense conclusion of the goalless draw against Newcastle.

Mikel Arteta and his teammates came under fire for their irate response to referee Andrew Madley’s decision to not give them a penalty in injury time.

On the sidelines, Arteta and Magpies manager Eddie Howe had a disagreement. Before calling the officiating “scandalous” in his post-match interviews.

Later, Newcastle legend Alan Shearer called Arteta “disrespectful.” The Spaniard, according to former Blackburn striker Chris Sutton, behaved “clownlike.”

Following a hearing, the FA fined Arsenal a sizeable amount for alleged player misbehavior.

Arsenal “admitted that they failed to ensure that their players conducted themselves in an orderly manner during the 95th minute,” the FA claimed. Arteta has escaped punishment for his actions in general.

Speaking before the decision, Arteta attempted to counter the criticism he had received from people like Shearer and Sutton.

Arteta declared, “I don’t participate in that debate. Naturally, they are free to express their opinions. I make an effort to give this football team my all to support, defend, and play with the utmost passion.

“Every game is unique, and every manager acts very differently depending on the situation. Furthermore, you cannot take a situation out of its context. That is unfair. For better or worse, that is who I am—both here and on the field.”

When asked if he was willing to alter his behavior, Arteta responded, “That’s who I am, and whatever I do, I’ll always strive to do better. Making the club stronger and my players better will help them play better and win more games, whether it’s tomorrow, the following day, or the one after that.”

“But if I have to do something. I’ll do it, and if I have to change something, you can count on me to quickly change it by looking in the mirror.”

Arsenal fined by FA Due to “disrespectful” behavior during Premier League match.

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