Angry English Fans Brutally Edited The Wikipedia Page For The World Cup Referee After France’s Loss

An edit to Wilton Sampaio’s Wikipedia page was made in response to England supporters’ 2-1 World Cup quarterfinal loss to France.

Sampaio gave England two penalties, one of which Harry Kane converted and the other which the captain blazed over, but the Brazilian official has received harsh criticism for his work.

Dayot Upamecano appeared to have fouled Bukayo Saka in the first half leading up to France’s goal from Aurelien Tchouameni, but the referee chose not to award a free kick.

Upamecano again challenged Kane, but this time there was no penalty given because VAR determined that the challenge occurred just outside the area, negating the need for a penalty.

Despite Theo Hernandez tackling Mason Mount, the second penalty was initially not called, and it took a VAR review for him to call out the spot.

His public-editable page also stated that Kylian Mbappe offered him a lap dance.

Gareth Southgate, the manager, refrained from criticizing the referee, but Harry Maguire did not hold back and called his performance “really poor”.

He admitted to ITV that he’s not sure how to explain his performance. They made a staggering number of poor choices. incredibly poor

In a post-game interview with beIN Sports, Maguire continued to be blunt when asked about Sampaio and urged the referee to talk about the latter’s performance.

Maguire added that he believed the referee made some really bad decisions throughout the game.

It would be interesting to see if he came out and declared whether or not he had a good game because we always stand here and, as players, we are criticized.

because they made five or six early fouls in that first half due to their numerous decisions.

He believes Harry Kane was outside the penalty area, but it was obvious that he had been fouled; he didn’t in the second half, and Bukayo’s foul was obvious in advance of their first goal.

You expect to make some big decisions and big moments right, but tonight we didn’t.

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