10 Football Records That Messi And Cr7 Cannot Break.

  1. Most fastest Hat-Trick

The fastest hat-trick in the history of football was achieved by Scottish player Tommy Ross. In 90 seconds against Nairn County in 1964, Ross, then a player for Ross County, scored three goals.

2. Highest number of completed dribbles in a World Cup game.

The player with the most completed dribbles in a World Cup game is Jay-Jay Okocha, a former international player for Nigeria. In a 1994 FIFA World Cup game between Italy and Nigeria in the USA, Okocha accomplished this feat by completing 15 dribbles, which is a record.

3. Nine minutes, 5 goals.

Currently, Robert Lewandowski a Polish international who now plays for Barcelona after transferring from Bayern. Lewandowski, shocked the football world in September 2015 when he scored five goals in the final nine minutes to defeat Wolfsburg 5-1.

4. The most goals scored in a single World Cup competition.

French footballer Just Fontaine played in the 1950s. The most goals ever scored in a single World Cup tournament belong to him. Just accomplished this at the 1958 World Cup by scoring 13 goals in six games.

5. Quickest goal in a World Cup.

This record is held by Turkish attacker Hakan Sukur, who scored in just 11 seconds during the FIFA World Cup match between Turkey and South Korea for third place in 2002.

6. The most hat tricks ever in football.

In terms of hat tricks in football history, Pele owns the record. 95 hat tricks were scored over the legendary Brazilian player’s career. Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are both a long way from breaking this record.

7. Most goals in a World Cup

German footballer Miroslav Klose is a former player. Klose had 16 World Cup goals in 4 tournaments before hugging his boots. Comparatively speaking, Messi has six goals at the World Cup whereas Ronaldo has only seven.

8. Having five header goals in a single game.

Dondinho, a Brazilian player, scored a header in a game, which takes a lot of effort and talent. Pele is a well-known Brazilian football legend. The majority of people are unaware that Pele’s father, Dondinho, also played football and once recorded a 5-header performance.

9. Score 13 goals in one game.

Football is enjoyable to play, but Australian Archie Thompson took it a step further by breaking the global record with 13 goals. In a game against American Samoa, who were defeated 31-0, Thompson scored 13 goals, breaking the previous record of 12 goals.

10. Longest header goal ever.

The player that holds this fantastic record is a Norwegian named Jone Samuelsen. Samuelson beat Tromso Idrettslag on September 25, 2011, with an incredible header from 58.13 meters away.

Are there any football records that any current player may break?

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